#GetMusicIndie-Go |The Biggest Indie Music Festival Yet!

MALL OF ASIA ARENA – Music junkies from all over the metro gathered and sang their hearts out to the beats of their favorite Indie artists at the Get Music Indie-Go Festival last May 20.

Sud, Miles Experience, Jensen and The Flips among many others graced the festival in an attempt to encourage Filipino support for the Indie OPM community as brought by local music producer, MCA Music. Visual direction during the event was also led by no other than Scratchmedia Production.

Ninno. (Photo courtesy of Inquirer.net)

The event kicked off with a set from no other than rapper and spoken word poet Ninno Rodriguez!

Image result for conscious and goodness #GetMusicIndiegoConscious and the Goodness. (Photo couresy of MCA Music)

His performance was then immediately followed by some nice, soulful music by Conscious and the Goodness.

Image result for she's only sixteen #GetMusicIndiegoShe’s Only Sixteen. (Photo taken from Twitter user, @shizogun)

But wait, there’s more. Up next was She’s Only Sixteen with some soft, slow music that touched the audience’s hearts.

Image result for reese lansangan #GetMusicIndiegoReese Lansangan (Photo taken from Twitter user, @TheKneeIsABell)

Maintaining the mood, Reese Lansangan caressed the crowd with her sweet yet solemn voice.

GetMusic Indie-Go, MCA Music Inc., Ninno, MOA, Arena, Consious and the Goodness, She's Only SixteenSomeday Dream. (Photo courtesy of Inquirer.net)

Breaking the ice was Someday Dream with some upbeat jams, debuting their latest Synthpop music from their newest album.

Image result for an honest mistake #GetMusicIndiegoAn Honest Mistake. (Photo courtesy of bandwagon.)

The festival did not only showcase true Filipino talent, it was also attended by Indie Malaysian Band An Honest Mistake.

Image result for jensen and the flips #GetMusicIndiegoFlipping out with Jensen and the Flips! (Photo taken from Twitter user, @TheKneeIsABell) 

Fans danced and jived to music hits from Jensen and the Flips!

Image result for an honest mistake#GetMusicIndiegoGabby Alipe. (Photo taken from Inquirer.net)

Former Urbandub Front-runner Gabby Alipe stuns the crowd with his solo, “New Strain.”


Meanwhile, Autotelic made the crowd roar, and only left them wanting for more.

Related imageSud. (Photo Courtesy of Twitter user, @kohlaguilar) 

Second to the last was Sud, which serenaded the audience with their popular song “Sila.”

 MilesExperience closing off the show.

And finally, last but not the least was MilesExperience showing everyone a great time.

11 stellar performances later and the music lovers and OPM enthusiasts are more than ecstatic for seeing their favorite artists right before their eyes.

That’s right, folks! Even indie bands can offer a show as exceptional as that of a superstar.

Til’ next time!