Adidas launched its new innovation in boost technology, a shoe that is designed to meet the demands of city runners – the Pulseboost HD.  

Last August 24, 2019 the shoe was put to a test by a group of runners; Adidas Runners Manila and participants from all around the Metro at a relay run race dubbed as “Night Mile Run”, in the old-world cobblestone streets of Intramuros, Manila. A great venue to fully experience its maximum grip, stability, and flexibility. As it’s lauded for being versatile enough with the same unrivaled energy and comfort, dry or wet.  

The race was participated by over 200 runners, divided in two categories – Elite (for advanced runners) and Open (for fun-runners), with 5 members on each team (both categories consists an all male, all female, and mixed groups). The 8km relay race was assisted by My Run Time – a race running time service.   

Winning teams of each categories were rewarded and will be able to enjoy their very own pair of Pulseboost HD. 

Runners and influencers, Raymond Gutierrez and Alex Diaz showing off their game face before the run. 

Everyone got to enjoy the rest of the night with a fun social dinner that was held at Barbara’s, while cocktails are served at Batala Bar and Courtyard after the run. 


Jonathan Cruz aka DJ SHORTKUT was also present to hype the crowd. Versatile. Accomplished. Legendary. DJ Shortkut, driven by passion for every genre of music. A member of 3 of the most influential DJ crews: The Invisibl Skratch Piklz, World Famous Beat Junkies & The Triple Threat DJs. 

It was also a great timing for Adidas Runners Manila’s 2nd anniversary celebration – ARM is composed of runners and professional coaches that brings community of runners together to help achieve and work on each members running goals. 

The event was celebrated to feel the pulse, and experience the unexpected energy of the Intramuros streets just like what the new Pulseboost HD has to offer.