It was yet another pleasant night filled with fun and relaxation as Adidas hosted its very own Influencers’ Night last Monday, December 11, 2017, over at Yes Please bar, The Palace BGC.

The event was held for all of Adidas’ artists, influencers, and athletes in celebration of the brand’s success for the year 2017.

At around 6PM, Asch begun his set playing electronic, head-bobbing beats on his keyboard as guests started to arrive.

Invited influencers also starred in a mini photoshoot at the venue, care of Everywhereweshoot.

After his turn was a set from the iconic duo RH Xanders & August Wahh who turned it up a notch with their soulful, jazzy music.

Guests helped themselves to the buffet and the bar, which served customized cocktails namely; the Adi Dassler, The Superstar, and the Gebruder– All names of which had significance to Adidas.

Adrien Semblat, Kath Misa and Jen Dacasin then proceeded to give the guests a warm welcome, thanking everyone for coming, and commending them for their support for the brand.

A video recap of 2017 highlights and what’s in store for the year 2018 shortly followed after the team’s welcome remarks.

The presentation sparked the guests’ excitement as they watched the video in awe.

The last performer for the evening was DJ Euric who served EDM beats & hits from the 2000s that got everyone on the dance floor.

Polaroid photos taken at the event were given to the influencers as keepsake, along with Adidas stickers & water bottles.

And it’s a wrap! Join us again next time for another Adidas thanksgiving night! Until then, stay tuned for upcoming projects the three striped brand has in store for 2018. See you soon!