Adidas football unveiled the Hardwired Pack. It boasts vibrant, fresh, and eye-catching colors with great details, making you look empowered to play better.

August 18, 2019 Adidas Elite Football Camp was held at the Adidas Sport Performance Store and BGC Turf together with The Younghusband Football Academy (TYFA) and Virlanie Foundation.

Coaches briefing the players about the product and activity.

All the participant received a personalized jersey, which created the desired impact of making the players feel special and part of the group. 

Coaches, Creators, and the rest of TYFA players showing off their gears for the day’s camp. 

And here’s the bubbly kids of Virlanie Foundation – The Foundation is a private, non-profit and non-secretarian organization reaching out to marginalized children and communities in the Philippines. They focused on providing holistic support to all children cared through health, education, and integration. TYFA chose the foundation to be part of this event as the foundation often holds a sport activity for the kids. TYFA and Adidas always aspire to connect and share their passion for football to the youth. 

Game time! What a fun sight to watch these kids enjoying and learning at the same time. 

Coach James Younghusband in action with Nemeziz 19 ‘Hard Wired’ 

Of course, TYFA players trying out their very own Hardwired Pack 

Seems like everyone poured out their energy and drive during the game, good thing food and refreshments awaited them at Mimi & Bros to wrap up the fun-filled activity.   

The new Hardwired Pack features a multitude of different colors just like the story and character of all the players and kids that joined in this event.